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Dress to Drive Rideshare

Published: 2017/05/29
Last Updated: 2017/06/09

There has been a lot of debate as to what drivers should be wearing while doing rideshare. Certainly what kind of clothes you wear may very depending on what market you're in. Weather conditions, social norms and other factors should all be considered.

The point I would like to make is that presenting yourself like a slob is a bad idea. If you care about tips, ratings or creating a good experience then dressing professionally is something you should be doing as a driver.

That doesn't mean you need be wearing a suite, vest or expensive clothes. In fact, unless you're driving UberBlack, UberSelect, a limo or other higher class service, I would actually advise against that.
I say that for two reasons,
One: Budget transportation services like UberX should not present themselves as more than what they are. Passengers should not expect high class service for such a low price. We shouldn't condition them to expect that either.
Two: For the money that we make, it's not in our budget to buy and maintain a high class wardrobe that we're going to wear out quickly while driving every day.

So what kind of clothes should a driver be wearing?

If you ask me, I say business casual. You want to look good, be comfortable and also practical.
For example, I never wear dress shoes. I wear black athletic shoes with a lot of padding. Riders rarely have a view of your feet and with all the footwork you do, you want your feet and ankles to be comfortable. You also want shoes and socks that don't cause your feet to get sweaty.
I never wear shorts while driving either. If it's hot I wear thin slacks and if it's cold I'll wear black jeans. Again think business casual. If you're someone with nice smooth legs you can probably get away with something a bit more comfortable.
Most importantly, you'll need a nice shirt. I personally prefer a button up but basically anything with a collar should give you a professional appearance.

If you would like more insight or to see examples, check out the silly video below that has all of that and more.

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